Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 33

As Hazard is slowly pulling himself together, back in Boston, Mummy finds out that Bladdy left ALL his money to Blaze. Mummy gets to stay in her house and gets a stipend but the twnety two million dollar fortune all goes to Blaze. Mummy is FURIOUS and Blaze says she wants to go back to Montana. The book now goes on to describe how PAINFULLY BEAUTIFUL Blaze is in her mourning. Wearing all black and being slightly preggnoes apparently makes her IRRESISTIBLE to all the men in Boston, non of which she wants anything to do with. Hazard has ruined other men for her... they all seem so tame now. Mummy says Blaze returning to Montana is ridiculous and Blaze says you can't tell me what to do. This makes Mummy even ANGRIER and she goes to pitch a fit, but Fancy Yancy stops her, whispering in her ear that he has a plan. And its a good-un.
When they return to the house, Yancy secretly locks Blaze in her bedroom and goes to tell poor-simple Hannah the handmaid that Blaze left for Montana right after the will reading was over. Hannah is skeptical but is eventually convinced that yes, Blaze would leave without her, but thats okay because the poor girl is so distraught and what with the baby and all... oh, did you two not know about the upcoming birth? Mummy takes the news in stride, realizing she has even more leverage now, and tells Hannah that since Blaze is gone they will no longer be needing her. Hannah, NEVER QUESTIONING ANY OF THIS, leaves and goes to her sister's, out of Yancy and Mummy's way. This is why you don't hire simple people to be the hired help. They DON'T HELP AT ALL in minor cases of cunning. oh well.
Mummy and Yancy agree that the best way to get the monies off of Blaze is to make her sign her power of attorney over to them. They'll tell everyone she left for Montana and keep her locked in her room till she signs the papers and then ship her off to Europe to get her the hell out of their hair. Yancy and Mummy go upstairs and tell Blaze their demands. Blaze is less than fazed by the idea of losing all her monies (she has a trust fund they cant get within twenty miles of, so what does she care) but she doesn't like how greedy they're being about all this. Although, when your a single faceted villain, who wouldn't be shocked that all you want is to take the money and run? But I guess Blaze hasn't read too many romance novels. Blaze doesn't want the bad guys to win but she doesn't want them to kill her baby like they did Hazard, so she asks for time to think about it. Yancy says he'll give her three weeks... or else. Blaze goes to bed, wishing that Hazard wasn't dead and in the morning Yancy comes in to tell her that in fact, he isn't, but he is fucking other people while she isn't there. Blaze is elated that Hazard isn't dead, but confused why he is fucking other people. He said he loved her and was married to her. Doesn't that mean anything? Yancy suggests she not wait for Hazard to come save her and just sign the papers already. Blaze stares out the window until Yancy leaves and then devises a great escape plan to get the fuck out of Boston. While I wish that was true, it isn't. Instead of doing ANYTHING, Blaze JUST SITS THERE FOR THREE WEEKS HOPING HAZARD WILL COME SAVE HER. Thats it. I'm not quite sure where Blaze's blaze went, but apparently it went out. Yancy comes in at the end of three weeks and Blaze signs the papers without even putting up a fight (WHAT WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!). This wet blanket Blaze is WAY MORE ANNOYING than angry, irrational Blaze. Blegh.
Yancy and Mummy are up celebrating their big pile of monies when Yancy suggests they kill Blaze's baby in order to make sure there will never be any claim against them as the owners of ALL THE MONIES. Mummy isn't sure how he plans on doing that and Yancy explains in very small words that he is going to take Blaze to have an abortion. Since they have power of attorney over Blaze, they don't have to ask her about anything, they can just make her do it. Mummy wants to know when the dirty deed will be done, and Yancy says he will take care of it first thing in the morning.

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