Monday, January 16, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 32

Rose is nursing Hazard back to health and every time she finds him alone she find him brooding and the more times she finds him brooding the more she thinks Blaze MENT SOMETHING to Hazard. Rose asks him one day if he wants to talk about it and Hazard says its going to take a lot of work to re-open the mine. Rose says thats not what she was referring to and Hazard thanks her for taking care of him again. Rose says that is not what she was talking about and Hazard asks if she is going to give in to the young clerk who obviously has the hots for her. Rose: STOP CHANGING THE SUBJECT HAZARD HE IS NICE TO ME. Hazard: You should be good to him, he is young. Rose: Hes only 4 years younger than you... Hazard: I've seen so much so I FEEL really old. Rose: Are you gonna go get Blaze back or what? Hazard: Why? Its not like I was into her or anything, she was just a pawn in the game I was playing with her father (LIES LIES LIES ALL LIES). Rose: *skepticism noises* Hazard: Nope, don't care about that red headed hottie, not one bit. Although... I do wonder about the baybeh sometimes... *le sigh* Hazard spends the rest of the chapter drinking heavily and telling himself that an Indian chief could NEVER choose a yellow eyes over his tribe and his INSURMOUNTABLE ODDS are way more important than any feelings he might have had for that horny ginger. And he is very angry about all of it.

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