Monday, January 23, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 34

While Yancy was correct, Hazard has been sleeping with Rose in her bed, he has NOT been having sex with her. Rose even goes so far as to proposition Hazard for some NSA sexy time, but Hazard politely refuses (SHOCKING). Rose asks Hazard why he doesn't just go after her and how do you know she wrote the note and knew of Yancy's plan and all the other things you've figured out all by yourself? Hazard says he just knows. Rose: Yes, but what about the baby Hazard? Hazard: I am SO ANGRY about that I have to keep my BLINDING RAGE constantly IN CHECK. Rose: * scared * Hazard: Sorry, I just feel like such a dupe... ya know. Since I believe myself to have been duped by my lady love. Rose: * understanding noises *
Once Hazard feels well enough he returns to his people but does not find the solace he seeks. He spends lots of time alone, BROODING LIKE A CHAMP, and the tribe starts to become worried. When Hazard approaches Bold Ax about marrying HfH Gurl they take it as a good sign (WHAT?!). Hazard decides that marrying HfH Gurl will finally squelch all the feeling he has still burning for Blaze (THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA AND BLAZE WILL PULL HER HAIR OUT). As Hazard sits by a tree in the crisp fall weather watching a mother and her two toddlers play together (condensed down from a page and a half into one sentence) he realizes he HATES EVERYTHING ABOUT BOSTON WINTERS (rightfully so) and NO BABY OF HIS WILL GROW UP THERE. So he saddles up, determined to bring his child back to where it belongs. Rising Wolf checks in with him before he leaves, and Hazard grinds his teeth a bunch and is very determined to win and all the ladies do as he says, or else. I really see this working out for Hazard. I mean this attitude has always done wonders for him, so I can't see it failing now! (end sarcasm.)
Hazard takes the train from Diamond City, resting his arm and sleeping with a hat over his eyes. Everyone is a little wary of him, but gives him his space. Outside of Salt Lake City some rustlers attempt to hold up Hazard's train and are promptly shot dead "in less time than the human eye could follow" (direct quote). Then everyone on the train give him LOTS of space. He makes it to Boston in a little over ten days flat (Ugh. Can you imagine? Ten days sitting on a coal train. Bleghhhhhhh).
Yancy lets Blaze in on the fact that he taking her to get an abortion about an hour before they are scheduled to leave for Planned Parenthood (see: big giant expensive house run by Madame something something in New York). Blaze says you can't make me and Yancy says yes I can and Blaze says you can't make me and Yancy says YES I CAN. Blaze decides this is a good time to try to plan an escape and decides to wear her REALLY EXPENSIVE black pearls, in hopes she can bribe Madame something something in New York to let her sneak away without telling Yancy. Blaze plans to head south in a hired carriage and then hop on a train west from Baltimore and get back to Montana as fast as she can.

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