Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 31

We find Hazard still digging himself out of his collapsed mine, only now he has burnt out the last of his candles. By his calculations he is not more then ten inches from breaking through to the surface, but he is VERY TIRED, and VERY INJURED, and everything is taking A VERY LONG TIME. Now that Hazard has had to fight his way out of a mine collapse, I am doubling my bets on Fancy Yancy dyeing in a mine collapse. It would be very poetic of Hazard to kill his enemy in the same manner his enemy tried to kill him. So, Hazard is digging and digging and he is very tired and we hear about this over and over again for a few pages. Hazard breaks through to the surface and then very slowly takes his time getting out of the hole he has dug because, like I said, he is VERY INJURED. REMINDER: HAZARD IS FUCKED UP RIGHT NOW YO. He gets himself out of his hole and lies down on the ground, thanking the earth spirits and singing to them (no lie. Not sure where he is getting the energy to sing, but whatevs).
Hazard returns to the cabin to find everything either stolen or broken. He is shocked at the violence man is capable of, stumbles around in his pain to find a clue about Blaze's whereabouts and eventually discovers "her" note. It reads (direct quote): "Hazard, I don't make a good hostage. I told you that. I'm going back to Boston. Blaze." Hazard being a romance hero with no sense of skepticism, IMMEDIATELY BELIEVES THE NOTE TO BE TRUE. I don't know about you, but that note sounds NOTHING LIKE BLAZE. I mean really, she would have used so many more words and never had been able to communicate leaving Hazard to go back to Boston so eloquently. But Hazard falls for it and instantly assumes that Blaze's pregnancy was to further her father's company's claim on his land and mine. Cause if she has his baby (which nobody outside of Hazard can prove is his and with him supposedly dead and all... but we won't bring that up.), the baby would inherit everything that Hazard owns. Hazard vows to re-open the mine and never be caught un-aware again.
He limps his way to Rose's and faints in a chair in her room. Rose finds him, tends to him and when he wakes, tells him that Blaze has returned to Boston. Hazard says he knows, "I only wish the pampered princess (ouch) had left with less fanfare."

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