Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 30

All Fancy Yancy's horses and all Fancy Yancy's men show up at Hazards mine and fuck shit up. Hazard is caught completely unaware (how un-Indian of him!) and Blaze is instantly captured. We find Hazard hiding in his mine, the lower half of his arm shattered (literally described as "shattered," and how he got it, I still dont know. I read this whole chapter and they just never say!) and bleeding heavily. Fancy Yancy and his men are in the process of preparing to blow up the entrance to the mine and completely entomb Hazard. Though a lot of gobbilty-gook about Hazard being in BLINDING PAIN from his injury he limps his way to a box of candles and faints atop it as the mine entrance is blown shut. His one continuous thought is of Blaze and his unborn baybeh.
Blaze awakes to find herself in a bed in her mother's home. Mummy is there but Blaze demands to see Bladdy. Mummy says Bladdy is long dead and you're more than welcome to go look at him in the morgue if you really want to. Blaze, FINALLY AWARE HER FATHER HAS BEEN REPORTEDLY DEAD FOR TEN CHAPTERS, is upset and calls her mom a bitch. Mummy doesn't really care what Blaze has to say cause by the way your Indian man-whore is dead too. Shocked and numb, Blaze denies it for awhile, her mother confirms it for awhile and then Blaze hides her face in the pillow.
Blaze spends the next two days hiding in bed. Mummy suggests returning to Boston which Blaze numbly agrees to. She tells her maid Hannah (who I think we met in the beginning but it was such a minor mention that I didn't even notice it...) that after Bladdy is buried, she will return to the West and have her baby with the Indians. Hannah grieves for Blaze and offers her all the support in the world (which is sweet but, really? A ladies maid who COOS and CARES and BELIEVES IN YOU. I've never read that before. ever.).
Flash over to Hazard, who has been starting to chip away at the ceiling of the mine in his TERRIBLY INJURED CONDITION OH GOD I'M GONNA FAINT AGAIN. He makes a splint and watches his arm get nastier and nastier day by day but still he keeps chipping away at that ceiling cause HE MUST GET TO HIS BLAZE AND HIS BAYBEH. Or he will die trying (Just like 50 Cent!). Direct quote: "It would be his ultimate test and he knew it. Jon Hazard Black versus Death." (My bet is on Death in the long run...)
Blaze leaves on a jet plane (train) back to Boston with Fancy Yancy and Mummy. She still keeps to her bed and Hannah becomes concerned. When Hannah sees a little spark of life in Blaze's eyes one day, she reminds Blaze that she must FIGHT! She must! If not for her father's sake then for the sake of the child! There is the baybeh's birthright to consider! Blaze asks how Hannah knew and Hannah says all old biddies in romance novels can instantly tell whose pregnoes and who isn't. Its just a fact. But Fancy Yancy and Mummy don't know, I can assure you that. Cause they're not old biddies, they're bad guys... get it? Blaze understands and feels the fire in her burn once more! She asks for a dress, pen, paper and a witness. She is going to re-write her will! As she steps off the train in Boston a new fire once again burns in Blaze's soul, which Yancy and Mummy TOTALLY MISS (uh oh). Direct quote: "It was their first mistake in the battle about to erupt."

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