Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 29

At dawn, Blaze, Hazard, Rising Wolf and an escort start back for Hazard's mine. When they get there they find nothing has been altered. Nobody came in the house, nobody touched the mine, nobody found the big gun... nothing. If Fancy Yancy isn't dead (which I'm pretty sure he isn't... we're still waiting on that mine collapse!) then where in the hell has he been? He could have been ransacking things left and right! Once the mine is deemed all clear, Rising Wolf and the escort leave. Blaze and Hazard coo over each other, remembering the good times in the cabin (but avoiding the hostage situation). Hazard suggests, what with the baby coming and all, that they should find her father and tell him, or confirm if hes dead or not. Blaze thinks that's a great idea, but still has no idea that her father could be dead. Hazard plans to talk to Jimmy and Rose to see what he can find out about Bladdy's whereabouts.
Scene cuts to Blaze's mother and Fancy Yancy (NOT DEAD) discussing their wedding plans. Yancy now has a raspier edge to his voice, having survived the knife would to his neck (mine collapse here we come!). Yancy wants to get married right away but Blaze's mummy knows she must mourn her husbands death for at least a year, so not to be ostracized from Boston society. We now find out that Bladdy is in fact dead, and currently lying in the town morgue. Fancy Yancy sent out some men to kill Bladdy and his Indian escort and knew he would live through his knife wound when he found out they had been successful killed (how sweet). The men used long range pistols to pick off Bladdy and his Indian. Bladdy went down hard but his Indian limped away and hasn't been seen since (PREDICTION: Bladdy is NOT dead, he WAS the Indian. Tricky tricky). Blaze's mummy also needs Blaze back so they can go to Boston and collect on the will. She looks way better with a live daughter then she does with a dead one, so she asks Yancy to help her in retrieving Blaze but she makes sure to point out that she does not give a flying fuck what happens to Hazard. Yancy says he will take care of everything tomorrow, not a problem. Blaze's Mommy reminds him to bring the note (what note?) so that it looks like Blaze left of her own free will (ooooo! INTRIGUE!).

PS: I love short chapters, don't you?

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