Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 28

Blaze and Hazard spend the next little while in lovers bliss. They enjoy the sunshine, each other, and other gooey things. Hazard tells Blaze about a vision quest he went on where he learned he had greatness in him (not a dick joke). Blaze offers her love and support for anything Hazard may face with his greatness (heh heh). Hazard takes Blaze to some council meetings against his tribes wishes but he is the chief so he can do whatever he wants suck it (even though they are a very EQUAL society). Blaze is honored but taps out pretty quick cause the meetings are long and boring. While Hazard is getting his tribe meeting on, Blaze hangs out with a nephew of Hazard's named Red Plume. Hazard uses Blaze's absence to ask about Blaze's Daddy and if he is really dead or not. Lucky for him, the person who may or may not have seen Bladdy last is not at the tribe right now so Hazard just drops it and continues to think that not telling Blaze ANYTHING is the best policy. The tribe discusses the upcoming pony (read: panty) raid and agrees to leave in the morning.
Hazard is pulled aside by his dead wife's father, Bold Ax (again, not a dick joke), who tells him that his young daughter wants him BAD. Like, REAL BAD. Hazard is flattered but declines and says she'll get over it soon, she's young. I somehow see ALL THE THINGS HAZARD LOVES TO DISREGARD as being a problem later in this book...
Scene cut to Hazard and Blaze in bed late that night. Hazard tells Blaze he is leaving with the raid party tomorrow and Blaze can't come. Hazard is very slick about telling Blaze she cant come, so as to avoid her flaring up at him and demanding to be involved. Blaze is VERY WORRIED about Hazard dying and really doesn't want him to go. Hazard is kind (in his own way...), but insists that he is going. Scene cut to Blaze and Hazard's tearful goodbye. Ya know what this sounds like to me? Stockholm Syndrome. Her captor is leaving her ALONE in a society she doesn't understand after emotionally and sexually abusing her to the point of NEEDING him. Or its love. Who can say? Hazard says goodbye and leaves Blaze in Red Plume's care. Hazard rides out and is struck by the beauty of his land and contemplates his rich history and culture, rah rah boring. Rising Wolf laughs at Hazard and says he is getting soft over a yellow eyes. Hazard denies it but does admit to being stupidly happy and he highly recommends finding a bitch to leave behind. Rising Wolf says thanks but no thanks.
Back at the tribe, Blaze spends her days hanging out with Red Plume. Red Plume takes care of Blaze and falls in love with her. (Yes, just like that.) Blaze enjoys her time but misses Hazard and is REALLY WORRIED cause she knows she has a bun in the oven now (took her long enough). One morning Blaze wakes to the sound of horses and goes outside to find thirty horses outside Hazard's lodge. Hazard is BACK and has just made Blaze a VERY RICH WOMAN with all her pretty ponies. Blaze is so happy he's back and happy to hear he stole a groom for the horses as well.
Hazard sleeps, Blaze watches him and memorizes his face for awhile and contemplates how to tell Hazard she is in the family way. Hazard wakes up and tells her all about the raid and the ponies running and Spirit Eagle doing brave but stupid things and Blaze just thinks about how pretty Hazard is. I just cut down like four pages of Indian pony raid for you into one run-on sentence. Your welcome. Hazard asks Blaze if she missed him and she fucks him to show just how much. Im surprised she held off that long but aren't we always learning new and special things about Blaze?
Hazard and Blaze go to the post ponies party (alliteration what what!!) and run into Bold Ax with his Horny-for-Hazard daughter (the HfH Gurl). Bold Ax thanks Hazard for the horses he gave him, but is worried HfH Gurl is getting the wrong idea. HfH Gurl is eyeing up Blaze and remarking on how odd it is that she can't cook for her man. Hazard thanks her for her concern over his welfare but hes fine thankyouverymuch. Hazard says the ponies are just a gift between FRIENDS even though we established earlier that a gift of horses is a proposal... I'm sure Hazard knows way more about his CULTURE AND HERITAGE than I do... Blaze is a little miffed at HfH Gurl's inability to restrain herself but Hazard says there's nothing to worry about (LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES). He tells Blaze they're gonna leave in a few days, so really, its nothing to concern yourself over. Blaze doesn't want to leave but Hazard says they must. She goes all doe eyed on him but Hazard stands firm. I kinda miss Blaze's firey spirit... it at least made for more interesting arguments.
Blaze cannot sleep later that night for worrying. She keeps thinking about going back to the mine and how HORRIBLY FUCKED everything is there and decides its time to tell Hazard she's preggos. She wakes him and drops the bomb but Hazard tells her he already knew. I have to quote this next passage directly, cause you need to read the words Hazard uses to describe how long they've been doing the sexy dance. "I've been with you every day, from maré á ape así ? to batsu(w)ō' oce. I would have known if your monthly cycle had come." and no, the question mark is not a typo. Blaze asks Hazard if he's happy about the baby, and Hazard muses on the INSURMOUNTABLE ODDS he must face and the added terror of something being more important than he is. Blaze makes Hazard promise they can come back to the tribe for the birth of the baby. Hazard promises.

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