Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 27

Blaze and Hazard get back from their sexy sexy time by the water and have to rush and get ready for the big dance tonight! Blaze is worried she wont know the steps and Hazard, brushing her hair lovingly, croons that he will show her how. Scene cuts to Hazard and Blaze enjoying the owl dance (also known as a strange collection of vowels with an umlaut thrown in in Hazard's native tongue). As they're dancing Hazard catches Spirit Eagle, one of the younger warriors, eyeing Blaze all fierce like. There is some more talk about the intricacies of the dancing (boring and mildly sexual) when the drums start a new rhythm and Hazard quickly pulls Blaze out of the dance! Hazard tells her she wouldn't know the steps and instructs Rising Wolf to keep a close eye on Spirit Eagle (cause thats not weird at all...). The dance Blaze is not allowed to do is a marriage/makeout dance. All the girls get in a circle and all the hot young thangs give them presents and kisses. If hot young thang gives his girl a horse, they are married. Boom, all done. So the couples are kissing and Blaze is watching when some old medicine women come up to Hazard and start bitching at him. Blaze, feeling generous after her long and overly descriptive boink, tells Hazard to go! Enjoy the dance! Really, I don't mind. (LIES!!!!) Hazard hems and haws, but finally agrees he should (cause it's expected of him, since he is both a hot young thang and a chief) and heads into the dance. Blaze is content until she sees the girl Hazard is about to kiss. This girl wants it from Hazard, BAD. Blaze gets progressively angrier and angrier as she watches Hazard give the girl whats what with his face. Rising Wolf (always the diplomat) tells Blaze that the lady Hazard is smooching is his dead wife's younger sister! Blaze becomes so enraged that she storms off into the dark, eluding Rising Wolf and all others who try to stop her.
Hazard pulls back from his kiss, a little startled at how hot and heavy it had gotten, cause really, he dont want no other lady when he has Blaze! to find that Blaze has stormed off and Spirit Eagle is no where in sight!! (Blaze is in SO MUCH TROUBLE!). Hazard muses that he knew something was up with Spirit (- Eagle) and it was getting kinda obvious how much Spirit wanted to challenge Hazard's AS A MAN for power and glory within the tribe. Oh the life of a sexy Inidan chiefton...
Meanwhile, Blaze is lost in the dark (saw that coming) when she runs into Spirit (saw that coming too). Blaze, SO GODDAMN BLAZINGLY JEALOUS, sees the young warrior as the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to make Hazard JEALOUS AS FUCK. She suggests dancing to the young warrior, cause if Hazard can dance and makeout with anyone he wants, so can Blaze! Blaze starts to sway against the warrior, motioning him to come dance with her down by the river (not a euphemism) and Spirit thinks that sounds awesome (thinking it is a euphemism) and grabs Blaze. Realizing this has gotten WAY OUT OF HAND (saw that coming as well), Blaze tries to pull away but is weak and feeble and can't do shit. She fights and he pulls her along for quite some time until Spirit decides this is way to much work and i'll just kiss her here right now. He goes in for the big smooch just as Hazard rounds the corner. Blaze, feeling no fear now that Hazard is near (YES YES YES IT RHYMES I LOVE IT), remembers she is OH GOD SO DAMN ANGRY, and kisses Spirit like she means it. Hazard, having not seen Blaze's struggles (they make it seem like that point is really important in this passage, so i'll remind you of it once again), explodes with jealous rage (on the inside btw. He is all masterfully calm on the outside). Hazard separates the two (verbally, not physically (damn)), sends Blaze back to his lodge with Rising Wolf and goes to deal with Spirit personally.
Spirit compliments Hazard choice in Blaze and Hazard tells him to back off or else. Spirit is ready to fight for her but Hazard doesn't fight over women and won't have this conversation with you young man, so just stay the fuck away from her. Spirit is disgusted that Hazard would let a woman have so much sway in his life. Hazard, understanding the boys motives, desires, past, future, dreams, blah, blah, blah, says he knows its crazy but back the fuck off. Spirit suggests Hazard is getting weak. Hazard tells him he is welcome to come find out (snap!).
Hazard heads back to his lodge to find Rising Wolf guarding the door. Hazard tells him not to worry... he isn't going to hit her (oh thank god). Hazard enters and finds Blaze bright eyed, bushy tailed and PISSED. She flings everything she has at him (verbally, not physically) and asks why he keeps her around and pretends to love and care for her when its OBVIOUS she is but a drop in the bucket of the things he needs to posses sexually. Hazard is a little hurt/appalled... he'd been telling his people that Blaze was his wife and that decision did not come lightly (not that Blaze would know that, since she continues to NOT SPEAK THE LANGUAGE). Blaze goes for the jugular and asks if she should be paying Hazard for his attentions over the last week. Hazard, so angry he can hardly see straight, flops down on the bed and lets Blaze's yelling rain down on him. The quieter Hazard gets, the more rage-tastic Blaze gets until she tries to slap him. Hazard grabs her arm before she can make contact and pins her to the bed, grinding his pelvis into hers. I know when I'm fighting with someone I always need to throw a good sexual assault in there too... Hazard says he owns Blaze and Blaze says no man owns her and so on and so on for awhile. You cant fuck other guys, yes I can, no you cant, yes I can, trollop, hypocrit, you get the idea. They struggle until they stop (and yes, that happens just as suddenly as it seems and for no real reason) and Blaze confesses she kissed Spirit in retaliation for Hazard kissing his dead wife's sister. Hazard says he understands, and that he wants Blaze to stay with him always and he loves her. He becomes overwhelmed with his feelings, has to think about his dad, his vision quest and his horrible plight to save his tribe from the yellow eyes before he'll snuggle into the safety of Blaze's arms and let her profess her love for him. Hazard marvels at how easy it is for Blaze to love and how fully she experiences her emotions (also know as a bi-polar disorder...) and humpty dances her all night long

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