Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 25

The tribe is riding out for the first buffalo hunt of the season, with both men and women in attendance. The tribe rides single file across the land in a MAJESTIC and NOBLE formation. The young warriors of the tribe ride around the line at top speed, doing acrobatic feats to impress all the bitches. Blaze is all a giggle at their athletic abilities and Hazard is feeling a little... oh wait... what's that feeling? The one where you want ALL THE ATTENTION and get pissy when SOMEONE ELSE HAS Hazard does not wish to look too deeply into the murky well that is his emotions, so he chooses to just dismiss his feelings and carry on. Rising Wolf asks Hazard how it feels to be on the other side of the tribes mating games? Defending his claim instead of coaxing it away... Hazard glares and Blaze asks what are you guys talking about BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHATS GOING ON SINCE I DONT SPEAK YOUR NOBLE NATIVE LANGUAGE. Hazard says it's boy chat, nothing more. Hazard asks Blaze to please be careful during the hunt and to not try anything stupid (like usual), cause a heard of buffalo cannot tell the difference between her fine ass and a tree (was that a skinny crack? cause Blaze is about to be AS BIG AS A HOUSE in about 8 months or so...). Blaze says she's not going to do something dangerous (for once) and she also isn't going to skin any buffalos cause OHMYGAWD THAT'S GROSS! Hazard says bitches don't do that shit, the boys do, she just has to cook the meat... and on second thought how about you don't do that either, since your cooking is hellish. Blaze feels contentment at not having to do anything.
As they approach the heard of buffalo everyone stops speaking, the boys strip down to damn near nothing, hop on fresh ponies and THEY'RE OFF! There a few paragraph of lavish hunting strategies and movements that I won't bore you with and when the dust settles, Blaze finds Hazard slicing up his fresh buffalo kill. She spends some time watching the "grace and strength" of his hands (QUESTION: HOW CAN SHE SEE HIS HANDS? SHOULDN'T THEY BE COVERED IN BLOOD AND GOO FROM THE DEAD BEAST HE IS ELBOW DEEP IN?) and tells Hazard she is never going back to Boston society. Hazard doesn't respond, so Blaze says it again. Hazard reminds her of the NUMEROUS OBSTACLES in her way (her father, her mother, Fancy Yancy, all of western society and breeding...) but Blaze just wants to know if Hazard wants her to stay. Hazard says it's not about what I want, it's about what's good for my people. Blaze: But what if you're people weren't here and all those other things you listed went away? Hazard: But my people are here and those things do exist. Blaze: Yes, but what if they DIDN'T. Hazard: In that case, of course I want you to stay with me. Blaze: EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT FINE BECAUSE I SAY SO. Hazard: Kiss me with abandon and let us roll around in the carcass covered grass like puppies! And they do. (FUCKING GROSS WHAT THEY HELL?!) (btw: the book talks nothing about gross, just fresh grass smell and roaming hands and so on and so forth OH GOD THIS BOOK IS SO REALISTIC!!) Blaze wants bouncy bouncy now but Hazard says he has to finish skinning his kill. Blaze says hurry up! Hazard complies.

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