Friday, May 27, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 24

Blaze and Hazard awake and camp is already in full swing. Hazard says they must go bathe, everyone else at camp already did at sunrise. Blaze says no (why does she have such an aversion to bathing? You figure she's a lay-dee, she'd be dying to wash all the DUST AND NAST AND OL WEST from her skin more often. Whatevs.) and Hazard says she must. Blaze says no and Hazard goes into a long list of reasons why she has to (We are CLEAN people, its CULTURALLY important to us, it makes my people feel more BELIEVABLE to the reader...) and accidentally slips and backasswardly tells Blaze that everyone in the camp believes her to be his wife. Blaze is all "I'm your wife and not your concubine because you LOVE ME?" Hazard says "Lets not talk about this now. Can't we just have a GOOD TIME?" Blaze hears Hazard's whining and feels to SORRY for him and his HARD LIFE. (Whaa.) Blaze simpers and says she will gladly be Hazard's wifey. Hazard carries her down to the river (in joy, not in anger. I can see where you would think that, but no. He's being CHIVALROUS.) So they fuck at the river and Blaze tells him he is a good lay and has anyone ever told you that before? Hazard asks if she wants the truth or something that sounds good. She goes for what sounds good and they wrestle like puppies and fuck again. After the lay Hazard asks if Blaze is hungry, he'll have lunch brought down to the river. Blaze asks if everyone knows where they are and what they are doing. Hazard says "duh. How else do you think nobody else came around?" (paraphrasing). Blaze is all shocked and embarrassed and Hazard re-wooes her by telling her she is the best thing to ever happen to him. They return to their tent where Indian bitches bring them food to eat. One Indian Bitch eyes Blaze and says nasty things to Hazard in their language and Hazard stares her down. Blaze is confused but is again comforted by Hazard's pillow talk. Hazard is worried though, b/c Indian Bitch warned him she was gonna come to him in the night (for sex.) Hazard doesn't want to do Indian Bitch since he has Blaze, but he worries that someone will try to slip under his covers at night cause thats A TOTALLY NORMAL PART OF NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE. But I won't worry cause nothing will happen and there is NO REASON I should tell Blaze about ANY OF THIS because she would never understand. (PREDICTION: THIS COMES BACK AND BITES HAZARD IN THE ASS.) Blaze and Hazard talk and Hazard bitches about living his HARD LIFE and how CLOSE TO DEATH everything he holds dear is. And then they fuck again.
A little while later a group of Indian woman come to the teepee. They're here to help Blaze with her new native wardrobe. Blaze doesn't want someone who has fucked Hazard to see her naked, so Hazard sends everyone away except for one old woman. Blaze still doesn't want to get naked in front of someone she doesn't know but Hazard coos at her and she crumples like a pile of laundry. Her fiery spirit is just so damn FIREY! Blaze tries on the dresses while her and Hazard eye fuck for a few paragraphs (peach-gold skin, hips, boobs, blah, blah, blah) until a dress comes up with a LOW NECKLINE. Blaze likes it, Hazard doesn't, they tussle, and Blaze shuts him down. Hazard apologizes but then tells the old woman to not bring the dress back (in the native tongue, of course). The old woman observes this interaction with millions of years of experience and is impressed with Blaze's courage and tenacity. She wonders what a baby born of these two people will be like CAUSE THE WHITE BITCH IS PREGNANT YO! (Oh Sweet Jesus NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo).
Late that night Hazard asks a well fucked Blaze if she is happy at the summer hunt. Blaze purrs (gag). Hazard asks if she wants to come buffalo hunting tomorrow? Blaze asks if other woman are going, and if so yes, but otherwise, yes. Blaze asks if she can kiss Hazard in public, which Hazard says yes, but within reason. Blaze tells him she is going to ignore everything he says... ever. Hazard laughs and fucks her yet again.

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