Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 23

As Blaze and Hazard approach the summer camp two "wolves" (see: douchey Indian teenagers on horses who "guard" the camp) approach them. They are very excited to see Hazard and tell him all about it. While we can understand what Hazard and the "wolves" are saying to each other (BECAUSE ITS WRITTEN IN ENGLISH), Blaze cannot understand the "native language". Poor Blaze. The wolves are surprised Hazard has taken a yellow eyes (yes, plural) as his wife. But surely not! A white bitch could NEVER please Chief Hazard! All the other Indian ladies you've fucked before are gonna be JEALOUSSSSSSSSSS! Hazard tells them to ride ahead and warn the tribe that he has arrived. Hazard rides through his home and everyone stares and laughs at all his jokes. Everyone is VERY SHOCKED by the yellow eyes that Hazard is "cradling gently". They all remember how many horses he paid for his last wife (he must have REALLY LOVED HER)... this red hair bitch shit be crAAAAZy. Hazard carries Blaze to a bed in a lodge, dismissing the boy assigned to guard the door. Hazard asks if Blaze is feeling okay. (REMINDER: HER ASS IS CHAPPED FROM RIDING AND SHE IS OBVIOUSLY INCAPACITATED OH WOE IS ME.) Blaze asks Hazard to have sex with her (paraphrasing). Hazard says no. Blaze asks how many of the Indians in the camp are related to Hazard. Hazard says: uhhh... most of them. We're a clan within a lodge within a society within a season and everyone is related (in some way). Blaze asks: Are any of the children yours? Hazard says: ... none by my wife (OH SHIT WHAT?!) Blaze: !!!! Hazard: Our customs are DIFFERENT. Everyone FUCKS EVERYONE. You get a sexual CHOICE here. Blaze: Was the boy guarding our door your son? Hazard: ... why? do we look the same? Blaze: OMGYESWHAT?! Hazard: We're cousins... but not... cause we're Indain... you wouldn't understand lets drop this subject completely. BLaze: NO! Tell me about the other bitches you've fucked! Hazard: Now why would you want me to do that? Blaze: B/c I'm SOOOOO JEALOUSSSSS. Hazard: Baby I only want to bone you now! You know that! Blaze: But this is all so nuts! You have CHILDREN for gods sake! (note: this is not what she said... she said something about hating the woman in his past (not him and his whorish ways) and that there's nobody in her past so he can't understand how she feels whaa whaa whaa). Hazard: Oh look! People who want to serve me food! Lets do that and not talk about this. So a bunch of Hazard's tribesmen come in and they all sit around and eat food in some ceremonial fashion with fancy bowls that you don't really need to know about. Blaze comes up in conversation a bunch and her position at the fire (next to Hazard) and what that SYMBOLIZES and Hazard tells them she is his wife. Blaze gets NONE OF THIS, cause she can't understand WHAT ANYONE IS SAYING. Everyone is VERY SHOCKED but nobody objects and they go back to ceremonial meal-ing. Everyone leaves and Hazard explains their tribe hierarchy (no one person makes the decisions, but I know the most stuff so I make the most decisions) and gets sad about the INSURMOUNTABLE ODDS against his tribe in the battle against the white man. Blaze offers Hazard money to save his tribe and Hazard says lets not talk of such things now. Lets cuddle and sleep piled like kittens. And they do.

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