Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 7

Returning to the cabin for lunch, Hazard finds the cabin still littered with broken pottery. He calmly makes himself a simple lunch and then tells Blaze she does have to clean up her "mess." Blaze tells him to get bent. Hazard invites her to sit down and so they can come to some kind of agreement with their... arrangement. I wasn't aware you discussed anything with a hostage by hey, I'm always willing to learn something new! Hazard says he is sorry for their circumstances and what it might do to her reputation and future life, but he didn't ask for life to turn out this way, it just did. (cause he didn't jump to any CRAZY CONCLUSIONS at any point or make a BAD DECISION, did he?) Due to the intimacy of the cabin Hazard agrees to control his urges and not fuck Blaze anymore (yeah. right.) Blaze agrees to not seduce Hazard. Hazard is happy to hear this but a little bummed to... he is a BIG FAN of the naked tango after all. Blaze says she hopes her father comes to some agreement with Hazard soon. Hazard agrees.

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