Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 6

Hazard ties Blaze to himself at the wrist and waist and goes promptly to sleep. Blaze, apparently done being indignant for right now, spends 1/2 of the night observing Hazard and being in love with the planes and contours of his face... cause he is a man... with a past... and an inner ache... and a great pair of lips... or something like that. In the early morning Blaze remembers she is angry and starts chewing Hazard out. To stop her bitching Hazard kisses her real good. When that doesn't shut her up, he kisses her real REAL good. Once shes all dewy eyed and bothered, Hazard asks her to make breakfast. She says no (not because she doesn't WANT to, but because she doesn't know HOW) and Hazard puts his hand between her legs. After some rubbing and hip arching Hazard asks her to make breakfast... she says yes in her breathy desperation... then he asks her to clean... again she says yes... then he asks her to bring him her father's head in a plate (okay, i might be making this one up)... and she says yes, yes, yes, anything, please! So they get down to business once more (for only two paragraphs thankGOD) and then Hazard goes to bathe in the stream. Blaze watches him in the stream, decides she is going to be a good little hostage and greet him at the door with a smile, when she discovers its locked (duh). She becomes VERY UPSET by the fact that he doesn't trust her and tells him all about it. He says lets make breakfast. She fucks up the eggs, apparently content to be a good little girl again but is still inept. Hazard offers to let her go outside to pee ("ease yourself") and counts down from 200 at the door. At 193 (EXACTLY) Blaze comes back and tells Hazard the view is magnificent. Personally, I've never seen gold leafed turds before, but I'm sure they must be a sight to behold. Hazard calls her provoking... for a woman. Blaze asks him what being a woman has to do with it. He says "its a man's world baby, get used to it" (paraphrasing) and closes the cabin door just in time to hear all his dishes being thrown against the now closed door. Blaze threatens to never take orders from him again... cause she is no docile WOMAN hostage. She does muse though that it is hard to stay mad at Jon Hazard Black when he is smiling down at her in that condescending manner (again... might have made the last part up. I apologize).

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