Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 8

Blaze's Daddy (Bladdy? Daze?) is following an Indian guide up a mountain in an attempt to find a mediator from Hazard's Indian tribe to help him get his daughter back. Bladdy is very scared of Hazard and takes the taking hostage of his only child VERY SERIOUSLY. The book now goes into a back story on Daddy, where we learn he was a poor orphan in Ireland, till he came to America to make his millions. Blaze's Mummy married him because he was the biggest fortune on the market that season, ended up pregnant before the honeymoon was even over and after having the baby, decided to lead a completely separate life from her husband and daughter. Bladdy is of course obsessed with Blaze (being the one of bestow her with her FANTASTIC nick-name at the age of four), wanting to give her all the love and time and money he never had. He has told his men to go nowhere near Hazard's cabin, not willing to test the savages patience, while he rides day and night to find the mediator he is searching for. They encounter a tribe of Indian's related to Hazard, but not HIS tribe, who tell them his tribe is over the mountain and through the woods (valley)... maybe. Its summer, so everyone is moving around a bunch (damn nomads). Bladdy continues to push till the point of exhaustion until his mountain guides notices he is having trouble breathing in the altitude of the mountain. His guide lies, says his horse has a pebble in his shoe (aww) forcing everyone to stop and rest for the night. Bladdy is looking a little better, after some rest. PREDICTION: Bladdy ends up dead, Blaze is distraught and blames Hazard, forcing Hazard to tell her about his anguish over the death of his parents. She feels for her Indian man and the scars he carries, and then they fuck. (just you wait! I'll bet you guys MAD money I'm right!)

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