Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 5

So Blaze hikes up the hill to Hazards claim, leaving Daddy, Fancy Yancy and all the kings horses (see also: Dad's entourage) at the bottom of the hill to stand guard. Hazard invites her in to his cabin (what a gentleman!) and Blaze tells him she has a business proposition for him. All Hazard hears is "I'm a filthy whore, fuck me in exchange for your land." Hazard asks her name (FINALLY) and Blaze tells him to call her Miss Braddock. Blaze says she will offer him anything he wants for his claim (for a smart girl she sure doesn't know what an innuendo is) and Hazard thinks she is very good at playing the virgin-whore. He says "okay, lets bargain," and starts un-buttoning her blouse. Blaze, NOT THINKING THIS IS WEIRD AT ALL, blushes and mouth breathes while Hazard gropes at her boobies. Hazard, still thinking she is a whore sent by her Dad's men to entice him, gets her shirt off and starts kissing her. He is so worked up by her seemingly "innocent confusion" (note: not screaming and shoving, just a little confused... how very high-spirited of her!) that he thinks she is the best whore he has ever seen. He starts to grind on her, offers to buy her, and she says "you don't understand." Hazard, TOTALLY UNDERSTANDING WHATS HAPPENING (not), gets her undershirt off (chemise, whatever) and starts going to town on her now exposed breast-est-es. Blaze, all blazing with passion (you see what I did there?) mumbles something like "I shouldn't be doing this" which pulls Hazard out of the moment. Angry at her for tempting him this far (wha?) he stomps to a chair and sits down, all brooding like. Blaze, still blazin', trys to coo and coddle him back towards doing the hump-de-dump (which she doesn't even know about, she just knows she yearns for it). Hazard hems and haws, Blaze coos and caresses and suddenly Hazard has her pinned up against a wall. He tells her to go, otherwise he will finish what he started. Blaze won't go. Hazard throws his ethics to the wind and smashes into her face with a kiss. Shes all responsive and shit and Hazard is like "then lets do this." He tells her to undress the rest of the way and Blaze, being all upper crust doesn't know how to get her own clothes off. Hazard takes this as another example of a whore pretending to play coy and cuts the rest of her clothes off her. Cause he always keeps a knife in arms reach... doesn't every mining Indian with a Harvard education? Hazard gets right down to business and starts blowing Blaze. She all shocked but loving it and Hazard says "I like a bitch in heat." Classy. Hazard pulls out his don juan and tells Blaze to look at what shes doing to him. Blaze doesn't look and Hazard thinks that she is baulking because she really doesn't want to fuck an Indian (cause all the other stuff before was a prime example of how much he DISGUSTS her) and tells her to get dressed and get out. For someone who humps all the time he is certainly waffling on this one! She says no and he says he's sorry they're forcing her to this... and she bursts into tears! She starts crying right there because she is SO WORKED UP and DOESN'T UNDERSTAND WHY. So after a good cry she starts nuzzling Hazard and he gets right back into the swing of things. He gets himself half way inside her when he feels resistance. OH NOES A VIRGIN! Hazard pulls away and freaks out for a sec, asking Blaze where she is from (Boston), how old she is (Nineteen), and if she really wants to do this (she does). Satisfied he GETS BACK TO BUSINESS (seriously... can they just do this already? I'm getting kinds sick of this start-stop-start-stop game...) and boinks her good (but not before saying: "I hope I'm not going to regret this." (why do I not see that working out for him?)). Of course, its the best sex ever for him and shortly after it's over Blaze, newly awakened to her bodies bedtime abilities, wants more. So they go at it again... and then theres another time after that. humphumphumphumphump until she's satisfied. And this isn't even a fraction of how mind-numbingly descriptive the sex was. It just want on and on and on and on...
Passions quenched, they get back down to brass tacks: will Hazard sell his claim to Blaze's Daddy? Hazard says he won't sell his claim to anyone for any amount of money, but he'll think about buying Blaze off her pimp. Blaze does not take this moment to contradict him (she doesn't even know he thinks shes a whore), just tells him she is a free agent (a wha?) and she is not for sale. A gun shot goes off outside the cabin and Hazard FLIPS OUT! He tells Blaze to stay in the cabin or he will shoot her dead, runs outside and screams that his claim is not for sale and he will now keep Miss. Braddock hostage so you guys won't ambush me, thank you very much have a good afternoon. Blaze now FLIPS OUT and tells him he can't do that and he says who is going to stop him? And since shes staying here she should cook, clean and keep house while hes out in his mine. Being a high born lay-dee, Blaze calmly (screams) informs Hazard that she doesn't know how to do any of things! Hazard says she will learn and then goes and stares off into the distance (YES THIS IS HOW IT WENT. They were totally fighting and then suddenly Hazard is starting out a window being mopey. If I was Blaze I would have cracked the chair across his back right there and ran.) Hazard muses about his tribe and his claim and the sacrifices he makes so his tribe can continue on... and Blaze is just the security he needs to keep her Daddy's company off his back (cause they're just going to back off now that he has the guy's DAUGHTER) and she is smokin' in the sack: BONUS POINTS!

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