Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 4

Hazard is working hard on his mining land and is way to tired to think about Blaze (BTW: he doesn't know her name yet. He just thinks about her red hair, creamy skin and hot little body. What more does a man need, am I right?) Blaze, being a lay-dee, is still bored and does nothing but think of her VERY PERSUASIVE lover. They then go into a lengthy description of Blaze's unconventional education and how damn smart the girl is (but not smart enough to fend off Hazard's attack of the manly tongue...) So she decides to leave with her father to go visit his mining lands and help him make new acquisitions. They do that for a few pages and then we get to a scene where her daddy's foreman, Yancy Strahan (PREDICTION: VILLAIN WHO DIES IN A MINE COLLAPSE), bitches about some damn injin (Hazard, duh.) who won't sell his land and killed three dudes last week when they asked about it (apparently they drew their guns first, but who can say?). Blaze's Daddy and his men ponder this problem when headstrong and spirited Blaze says she will go talk to the savage. Fancy Yancy thinks this is a great idea cause that Indian looooooooooooves the ladies. Daddy says no, Blaze whines, Daddy says yes.

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