Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 3

Its the night of the Territorial Ball and Blaze is lounging in a window seat wearing a cream colored strapless gown. They describe the dress and her beauty for like two pages. Honestly, the idea of a ginger in a white dress sounds a little like seeing a wedding cake on fire, but who am I to judge? I wear matching sweaters and leg warmers. I am the height of good taste. So Blaze looks super good and is going to be the belle of the ball. Great.
Hazard is sitting in a bathtub in a hotel drinking brandy. There's a knock at the door and his night's hostess comes in. She then proceeds to strip (slowly... at Hazard's request) and joins him in the tub. While Hazard is boning yet another high class married lady, they take the time to inject the fact (many, many times) that any woman in the territory would be SO DAMN HAPPY for a chance with Jon Hazard Black. It a wonder they let this man walk down the street with all the panties that must drop just upon seeing his manly physic. So they go at it in the tub, get dressed and then go at it again with clothes on. Her slippers leave little smudges on the back of his suit jacket. Isn't that cute and delicate?
Blaze and family arrive at the ball and her mother takes some time to talk about how uncivilized it is out here. The other guests at the ball talk about their hostess and the likelihood of her being in the family way and then pooping out a tan baby. (OH GOD THAT'S RIGHT! How is he preventing conception in all these chickies?!?! They haven't mentioned any kind of contraception being used... I wonder if he will turn out to be sterile in the end. One can only hope). Blaze is of course a hit and Hazard is hott and brooding in a doorway, and neither notice the other. Hazard gets a note from the hostess (the one he was just bathtub humping) and is very cross with her for sending it (because there must be DISCRETION when you fuck married women). They meet outside, she clings to him and tells how much she needs him inside her (okay... I'm paraphrasing, but you get it) and he says "but no, I must be gone with first light" and she said "no, no, no" and he says "yes, yes, yes" and she says "no, no, no" and he says... i think you get it. He agrees to postpone his travels till the evening and promises to come stick it to her first think in the morning. Once horny hostess leaves, Hazard decides to stroll outside where he discovers Blaze sitting in a dark alcove well within earshot. He angrily accuses her of eavesdropping, she says "no I wasn't" and he says "yes you were" and she says "fuck you, no I wasn't" and then he says "I'm going to lick the inside of your mouth now." Hazard grabs her and starts making out with her and Blaze gets all weak in the knees (cause you know, hes so talented with woman and all) and then he pulls down her dress and start sucking on her tits! Blaze is totally caving into his "animal magnetism" and Hazard is blowing her mind with his skill and nobody seems remember he has just been doing shit like this to another woman and is scheduled to do more to her the next morning... sounds like love to me! So Hazard is all hot and bothered and decides to run with that, grabs Blaze and throws her down on a table in some unoccupied summer kitchen. So they're kissing and hes groping her and suckling some more and she is whirling in a vortex of desire and Hazard decides its time to pull out the goods when... Blaze's father calls her. She ALL OF A SUDDEN comes to her senses, shoves him off and runs out. Hazard is VERY ANNOYED that he's left with a raging boner and no lady to put it in, but decides to wait until tomorrow and then just really stick it to his lady hostess.

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