Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 2

Hazard is in his dorm room at Harvard being prodded by his friends into going to a party. He hems and haws but they finally convince him to go when his one friend mentions that his sister will be there and her husband is in Erie for the week. That gets Hazard going (surprise, surprise...). We now get a blow by blow history of the set up to the Civil War (battles lines drawn, states succession one by one etc.) and if this seems a little left field for you it felt the same way for me. Its also written in a little bit of a rushed manner. After watching Hazard SLOWLY sexy sexy his way through most of chapter one, the first half of chapter two happens in a very quick blur. Here is the re-cap: the civil war starts, Hazard is specially asked to join a cavalry company (run by the husband of the hostess he had been giving it to just a few pages ago), he hems and haws but then signs up, is pretty epic in battle, gallops his way through the civil war, blowing up trains and fucking up supply lines, the civil war ends, he finds out about the death of his parents, he goes home to find 1/2 of his tribe is gone dead due to small pox, and he slashes his arms and legs in a mourning ceremony. whew...
Chapter two now switches to our heroine. Venetia Braddock (known to her friends as Blaze, due to her red hair) is pretty, voluptuous, smart, spoiled, rich and nineteen. She has no intentions of marrying. But wait, lets just take a minute to enjoy her name... Blaze... I think if anyone ever called me that I would tell them to go Ba-low themselves. Now lets enjoy the hero and the heroine together... Blaze and Hazard. Blazard? Haze? Anyway, Blaze doesn't want to get married even though she is beautiful and starting to edge towards old-maid (TWENTY) but she is insistent and her father loves her, so no dudes for her even though she is ripe for the picking. Blaze has been traveling with her father and mother in Montana so her dad can check out mining acquisitions and it conveniently puts her in the same city as the hero. So Blaze is at home, bored and decides to go for a walk... in pants! (Mother is aghast, Daddy indulges) Shes wandering up a hill when she comes to a HUGE MUD PUDDLE that she CANNOT POSSIBLY CROSS and she spies a shirtless Indian (our hero) sleeping in the shade of nearby tree. She kicks him and commands him to help her (because she is so damn high-spirited) and offers him twenty bucks for the job (in very halting English I might add, cause she thinks he is a class-A idiot... I mean he is an savage after all, right?) He doesn't respond, just looks at her and scowls. So she pulls out her gun (totally logical thing to do...) and "smooth as a striking panther" Hazard karate chops the gun out of her hand and has her pinned on the ground. She says she is very sorry and Hazard takes this opportunity to look down her shirt and survey the goods. Cause that's what happens when our when a lady-dee draws a gun on an unarmed man... she gets molested. Duh. Hazard thinks about fucking her, decides against it (how very unlike him...) and starts her carry her across the mud puddle. Blaze is now all a twitter on the inside b/c now she knows what a man's touch feels like... oh my! And he isn't wearing a shirt! And he is carrying her! Her panties are all kinds of damp.
Hazard drops her off on the other side of the puddle, struts off and Blaze and Hazard spend the rest of the chapter lusting after each other and being all "gaze off into the distance and sigh"-y. Gag.

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