Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 20

Its a week later and Rising Wolf is stopping by the cabin. He is NOT SURPRISED AT ALL to find Hazard and Blaze in the same bed together. As Hazard is pulling on his pants and tucking Blaze back in (aww) Rising Wolf asks when the stand off ended so he can find out who in the tribe won the bet. Hazard is a little miffed they were betting on his ability to hold out, but tells him it was eight days ago (eight days x six times a day = FORTY EIGHT SEXY TIMES. Gross). Rising Wolf lost the bet... he said Hazard wasn't going to make it to sundown on the day he left, let alone THREE WHOLE DAYS. Hazard glares and Rising Wolf tells him whenever he tires of her he'll be happy to take her off his hands. Hazard says back off (Territorial... how cute!), this isn't the type of girl you get tired of. Hazard asks about Blaze's daddy and the go-between and Rising Wolf says Bladdy is DEAD. Someone who knows someone who is in another tribe saw the body... so it could have been him but it also could have not been... all those Yellow Eyes look the same. Rising Wolf suggests bringing ten to twenty men to Hazard cabin to protect his claim and help prepare his REALLY BIG GUN for use. Hazard thinks that is a BAD IDEA because he doesn't want to lose all the work he has done on his mine to a turf war. Blaze, totally clueless as to what they're saying (they're speaking their Indian baby language at each other) offers them breakfast. Rising Wolf replies to her in English, which surprises Blaze and Hazard explains that his aunt married a white fur trader, so most of his tribe knows English (CONVENIENT!). Hazard takes Rising Wolf outside and tells Blaze she should get dressed in a shirt AND pants this time. He doesn't want to share the sight of her long legs with anyone else... When they return to the cabin Blaze is dressed (SHOCKING) and cooking bacon (MORE SHOCKING) and not fucking it up (EVEN MORE SHOCKING!). Rising Wolf comments on her improved cooking skills and Blaze tells him the Hazard has been helping her learn. Rising Wolf is very excited to hear all about Hazard's new LADY SKILLS so he can tell their tribe during the upcoming summer hunt. Hazard is not looking forward to being mocked mercilessly and Blaze wants to know what a summer hunt is. Rising Wolf explains it is when many of the tribes come together to socialize and hunt. Blaze is VERY EXCITED about this and wants to go. Hazard says no (BOO), its not a sideshow for Blaze's amusement. Blaze tells him to cool down and not be so touchy. Rising Wolf is SHOCKED that a WOMAN would speak to Hazard in SUCH A MANNER! Rising Wolf is waiting for Hazard to TELL THAT BITCH WHATS WHAT when... he apologizes to Blaze. Rising Wolf is surprised, but keeps it to himself. He is sorry, but they just can't go... there is too much to be done at the mine. Isn't he behaving like a REAL GROWNUP? In reality Hazard doesn't want to go because the whole tribe will be watching him make goo goo eyes at Blaze and HE CAN'T HAVE THAT. Nobody would respect him anymore if he was caught DROOLING OVER A WHITE BITCH. Hazard shuts down the whole conversation and it's not brought up again.

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  1. There's a slight error in your math when you came up with 48 sexy times. You forgot that the 6 times a day was actually 6 times in one evening/night. The real number is actually probably much higher because there's the entire morning and afternoon available for each day. Assuming a conservative one additional fuck in the morning and afternoon that would be at least 64 times in the week.