Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 19

Hazard is up and out the door by the time Blaze wakes up the next morning. Blaze is a little disappointed because she wanted to kiss him good morning and have herself a morning quickie (HOW HAS HER CROTCH NOT FALLEN OFF!?). She thinks about how experienced, sensual and charming Hazard is, but she knows he isn't like that with only her... she understands that there have been other women because thats the way the Indians are. They allow sexual freedoms to both their men AND women, which is so different from the society she grew up in (minus all that adultery women are apparently allowed to have...). But even with his pre-disposition towards multiple lovers, Blaze is determined to make Hazard hers and hers only. She gets up to start breakfast and sees that Hazard cleaned up the tub and towels from last night which Blaze is very impressed with. Any other man she knows would have been irritated and inept at such a task... but not Hazard. He is such a well rounded gentleman. Blaze heads towards the stove when she notices THE DOOR IS OPEN. Putting on one of Hazard's shirts she heads towards the open door and steps outside. She stands on the top of the hill where she met Hazard when she came up to his claim to talk to (fuck) him and reminisces about HOW MUCH HER LIFE HAS CHANGED since she first climbed this hill. I kinda understand why she isn't running with all the power in her body (probably because she doesn't have much left after doing the naked shuffle SIX TIMES) but at the same time HELLOOOOOOOOOOO ESCAPE TO FREEDOM GO RUN NOW NOW NOW NOW. But before that thought can even cross Blaze's high-spirited mind she hears someone call her name and tell her to not go any further. She looks and Hazard is standing a little further up the hill and she is SO EXCITED to see him (instead of being indignant that he is telling her what to do... high spirited my ass.) She climbs the hill and finds Hazard standing next to A VERY BIG GUN. He explains its a Gatling gun and Blaze is (rightfully so) a little scared of it... until Hazard gently touches her face. Then she has no problems making love under the shadow of Hazards massive firearm. Isn't that cute?
Fancy Yancy (Blaze's Daddy's foreman) and Blaze's Mother are having dinner together. They have sent all of Bladdy's workmen back to Boston and since the coast is clear, they think a dead Injun (aka: Hazard) wouldn't be such a bad thing. Blaze's Mommy suggests not only killing the Injun, but her husband as well. Fancy Yancy loves the plan and suggests sending hired highway men out to kill Bladdy before he gets back from his trip over the mountain. All Yancy needs is some monies... which Blaze's Mommy has in spades. Happy with their agreement Mommy Blaze suggests Yancy come sit next to her at the table... "You haven't touched me since this morning" (EWWWWWWWWWW.)

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