Monday, April 4, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 21

Hazard is getting ready to head into town and Blaze is VERY PANICKED. Hazard wants to pick up the dresses and other things he asked Rose to get for Blaze but Blaze does not want him to go because EVERYONE IN TOWN WANTS TO KILL HAZARD. Hazard offers to bring Blaze some books to help break up the tedium of being a hostage/raging whore and Blaze, VERY NEAR TEARS, tells him she doesn't care about the tedium, damnit, she just wants him back alive! Hazard pulls her into his embrace (gag) and kisses her passionately (barf) and tells her not to worry, he'll be back soon.
Hazard arrives at the edge of town (after running all the way... because he is an Indian and knows how to do such things without tiring. They're a very ATHLETIC race.) and sees armed guards at both the front and back of the brothel. Knowing they're waiting for him, Hazard decides to get into the building through an alternative route... THE ROOF. Using his leather lasso (which every god fearing Indian has on him AT ALL TIMES) he ropes the chimney of a building a few doors down from the brothel and climbs up to the roof (demonstrating more of his AMAZING ATHLETICISM). He leaps from roof to roof (ooooo! ahhhh!) until he reaches the brothel. He slips into the brothel through a 2nd story balcony, sliding past the room's occupant and her customer undetected while they're going about their "business". Hazard enters Rose's room and Rose tells him to get out! The brothel has been under surveillance 24/7 since Hazards last visit and he is ABSOLUTELY NUTS for coming back here. Rose tells him to Fancy Yancy has every able bodied man in town looking for him and he has to go, NOW. Hazard tells her not to worry. Rose says Yancy wants him dead and has Blaze's Mommy's money backing up his want. Hazard says don't worry, I got this. Rose says "no seriously, this guy wants you DEAD. You have to GO." Hazard says don't worry, I got thi... WHAT WAS THAT?! There's a knock at the door. Hazard slips into Rose's closet and Rose answers the door. One of her bouncer's tells her someone is causing problems in the gambling room and Rose says get rid of him and shuts the door in his face... but not before he sees black hair and a tan face reflected in the mirror over Rose's dresser. Smiling, the bouncer heads downstairs to tell Yancy (who he is OBVIOUSLY working for) that the damn Injun is in Rose's bedroom. (OH NOES! WHATEVER WILL HAZARD DO?!) Rose tells Hazard to get out. Hazard asks for a cup of tea. Rose says NO GO THE FUCK AWAY. Hazard says no worries, I got this. Rose: HAZARD GET LOST. Hazard: Do you have those dresses I asked for? Rose: YES HERE (throws them at him) NOW GO. Hazard: How about some books? Maybe a cookbook too? Rose: DO I LOOK LIKE I OWN A COOKBOOK I'M A FUCKING BROTHEL OWNER GET OUT HAZARD! Hazard: If I could just borrow a few books then...? Rose: HERE TAKE THEM AND NEVER BRING THEM BACK THEY WANT TO KILL YOU DON'T YOU GET THAT? Hazard: Alright alright, I'm going... actually, do you have that special soap we were discussing last time? Rose: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MIND? Hazard: Oh, okay then. How about those chocolates? Rose: HERE TAKE MINE JUST FUCKING LEAVE! Hazard: Okay Rose, I'm going... oh, wait. Do you know whatever happened to Jimmy? I haven't seen him for a few chapters and I was just wondering... Rose: HE BROKE HIS ARM AND IS FINE PLEASE LEAVE BEFORE THE VEINS IN MY FOREHEAD EXPLODE. Hazard: Oh, alright then. I'll just leave the way I... oh yeah! By the way, I think I'm going to leave town for a few weeks. I've just decided right now that I'm going to take Blaze to my tribe's sumer hunt, but we will be back in like a month or so. Rose: WHY HAVEN'T YOU LEFT YET I DONT CARE THE FURTHER YOU ARE FROM HERE THE BETTER. Hazard: Thanks for everything Rose... You're a good friend. Hazard turns to leave (FINALLY) when... the door crashes open (uh oh.) and Fancy Yancy is standing there with his gun pointed RIGHT AT HAZARD (who didn't see that coming? I know I sure didn't...). Yancy demands Hazard sign over his claim to him RIGHT NOW OR BE FILLED FULL OF HOLES (which would be something new for Hazard, considering he is usually the one filling other people's holes...). Yancy says Hazard is going to sign his land over RIGHT NOW or him and his 30 men downstairs are going to TEAR HIM LIMB FROM LIMB. Hazard (calmly) asks Rose for pen and paper. There a page and a half of tension while Rose trembles her way through acquiring a pen and paper, which she places on her desk. Hazard sits down and begins to write up a statement that he bestows him claim upon Yancy Strahan... when he drops his pen (Clumsy Clara!). As he bends down to pick up the pen (which takes another page) he retrieves the knife from inside his boot and decides he is going to aim for Yancy's throat (instant silence, possible death). He returns the pen to the table and throws the knife into Yancy's throat, hitting his mark with scary accuracy (EVEN MORE ATHLETICISM). Rose: GO GO GO OUT NOW NOW NOW. Hazard: Will you be okay? Rose: YES! DEAR GOD JUST LEAVE!!!! Hazard: Alright, I'm outtie! Hazard is out the window, back up on the roof and three houses away when he hears shouting coming from the brothel. He leaps from the last rooftop (not without scratching himself up a little, but its NBD for a man like Jon Hazard Black), and starts to run for home, knowing the men chasing him will never find him in the dark because he is SUCH A SNEAKY SNEAKY INDIAN.

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