Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 18

Having worked late and very hard, Hazard is lying on his bed of buffalo robes on the floor, watching Blaze prepare for her bath. Blaze is slowly wandering the cabin in one of Hazards old shirts, have some innocuous conversation with Hazard about his day at work and when Rising Wolf will be back and etc. etc. etc. while she dumps buckets of water into her whore bathtub. Hazard is getting more and more randy as he watches the firelight play on Blaze's exposed legs and undone hair but still he nobly resists his blazin' (I shouldn't enjoy using this word as much as I do...) passions. All Hazard can think of as he looks at Blaze is the last time he fucked her and how strong her legs are and how soft her skin is and how ripe her breasts are... I think you get the point. Hazard is suspicious of Blaze because she is being very nice and not trying to talk him into having sex with her. He voices his suspicions to Blaze and she dismisses them as poppycock... as she takes her shirt off. The now nekkid Blase is bent over the tub ("testing the water with her hand") when Hazard's control snaps (FINALLY). He grabs her, slams her against the wall and goes for it will full force. Bruising kisses, trembling members, vigorous thrusting and just as quickly as it started... flooding spasms. Hazard, breathing heavy, says something to Blaze in his Indian language (again, something that sounds like baby babble), carries her to the bed and goes at it again with her, this time much more leisurely. After the third time (once against the wall, twice on the bed, incase you lost count) Blaze meanders her way down Hazard's body and starts to blow him. Hazard's eyes roll back in his head cause it is THE BEST BLOWJOB EVER till he flips her on her back and slides in for home plate (four times). Blaze blazes (WHY IS THIS STILL FUNNY TO ME?) and is the most responsive and passionate lover Hazard has ever encountered... and that's saying something since he has such VAST EXPERIENCE with humping ladies. The sex gets real poetic at this point for a few paragraphs and Hazard mumbles the same Indian phrase from before as he blows his load ALL OVER THE PLACE (not really).
Blaze and Hazard are lying in bed feeling very satisfied (FINALLY) when Blaze starts trying to mimic the Indian phrase Hazard has been muttering. Hazard, shocked he had been saying 'i love you' in his language while ramming Blaze, lies and says its just pillow talk that doesn't really make any sense translated into English. He suggests they share a bath, to distract Blaze, and she says she is too tired to get into the tub and its cold. Hazard says he will warm the water and carry her to the tub. Hazard starts to warm the water and prepares the tub with some lemon grass to make it smell good, not realizing he is SERVING a WOMAN, which he has NEVER DONE BEFORE (remember: there is a difference between serving and servicing). Look at our little budding Indian feminist. While the water warms, Hazard gets Blaze to sit on his lap and talk about her childhood while he contemplates where the line between love, lover, and hostage lies, without much success. Poor Hazard. So conflicted. Blaze watches him struggle with his thoughts and choses that moment to tell him she loves him. Hazard recoils, but Blaze says she doesn't expect reciprocation of her feelings, she just wants him to know how she feels. Being a WOMAN OF THE WORLD (not) Blaze understands that you don't force feelings out of a man. Hazard explains that she doesn't LOVE him, woman usually form strong attachments to the men who take their virginity. He reminds her they have no future together as they come from VERY DIFFERENT WORLDS. Hazard then starts playing with Blaze's boobies and she starts begging him for another go around. He resists her, still getting in on some boobie action, and Blaze asks why everything has to be a battle of the wills with him. Hazard says "Oh hell" and swings for the fences again (five times).
The scene cuts to Blaze and Hazard lounging in the tub together. Blaze is enjoying herself and asks Hazard if he has ever shared a bath with a woman before. Hazard lies and says no (smart man). Blaze says a shared bath must be one of life's greatest pleasures. Hazard says its pretty nice. Blaze calls him callous and Hazard says its easy to not be callous when all you've done is wear pretty dresses and count your jewelry (OH SNAP). Blaze splashes him and calls him a meanie (I'm paraphrasing) and he apologizes and... starts to fondle her again. Blazes eyes him and asks if he wouldn't mind going at it just ONE MORE TIME. Hazard says she is very forceful but why not (six).
Scene cut to Hazard tucking a sleeping Blaze into bed. He pets her lovingly, reminisces about how awesome it is to have a woman (whore) in his house. He thinks about leaving the tub and puddles for Blaze to clean up in the morning, but decides against it and cleans everything up himself (AWWWW), before climbing into bed next to Blaze and instantly falling asleep.

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