Monday, March 28, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 17

Jimmy is still not coming to the cabin and Hazard is starting to get tired of being alone with Blaze and her cooking. Blaze is in the sunniest of moods and its making Hazard all the more angry. And its raining outside. Wahh. Blaze offers to make muffins for lunch (In addition to the muffin shes been trying to give him for days...) and Hazard turns on her, ready to give her an earful, but ends up spending his time staring at the still barely dressed woman and fantasising about throwing her down and ramming it into her good and hard. He says muffins sounds great and leaves, slamming the door behind him. Blaze spends her day attempting to remember the recipes for muffins or biscuits or potatoes or ANYTHING (girl can not cook. fo' reals.) and thinks she would be okay if she just had a damn cookbook... when she stops. She realizes she really CARES if Hazard likes her cooking or not. She CARES of what Hazard thinks about her efforts... Shes IN LOVE WITH HAZARD! Even though he has taken her from her family and home and her life and her virginity and her place in society she CARES ABOUT WHAT HE THINKS. Now Blaze has a new plan... instead of learning to cook she is going to seduce Hazard and make him love her back. Because that wasn't the plan shes been working on for the last few nights or anything... Hazard comes back for lunch to a plate of burnt potatoes and undercooked meat and a grinning Blaze. Blaze asks him if he wants to change out of his rain soaked clothing. Hazard says its fine, hes just going to get wet again anyway. Well, since he's already wet, would he mind hauling water up from the creek for a bath before he comes back for dinner? Hazard agrees, un aware of Blaze's master plan.

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