Monday, March 28, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 16

Moving Blaze to her bed and tucking her in, Hazard leaves the cabin and heads for... the local brothel (of course! He does have NEEDS after all). Hazard enters through the back door and goes straight to a room at the top of the stairs and knocks. A dark haired woman lets him in and kisses him. We are introduced to Rose, the prostitute and friend of Hazard's who helped him heal after the death of his parents. Apparently she washed his wounds and mended his heart with her ample bosom and zealous lovemaking. (I'm going to take a moment here to say DISEASES DISEASES DISEASES LOTS AND LOTS OF SYPHILISSSSSSSSS!! ahem.) Rose tells him that everyone is talking about his hostage (and doing nothing about it). He says they can talk all they want, he's the one with the girl, not them. Rose informs Hazard that Blaze's Daddy is looking for a spokesman to make an offer to Hazard. Hazard is glad to hear this news cause is very tired of dealing with those yellow eyes... "But lets not talk about that now Rose... give me all the gossip! Whose fucking whom?" Rose offers him a cup of tea to go with his gossip. He accepts and Rose studies him intently while he sips his tea, seeing more about Jon Hazard Black then he sees about himself... but what EXACTLY SHE SEES we don't know. She just sees it. Great. They talk about Blaze's inability to work and Hazard asks Rose to help him acquire some things to make his life with Blaze a little more comfortable. Like food she can't fuck up and real clothes so she doesn't look like a whore all the time (I'm not sure the clothes are going to change that... I've never seen a girl as ready to grind the bark off a tree as Blaze is). Rose is surprised at how nice he is being to his "hostage" but agrees to help him. She asks if Hazard plans to marry her and he says "NO! No no no no no. no. no no no. nope. na uh." (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.) Hazard never plans to marry... ever. Rose is skeptical but doesn't want to irritate Hazard. Hazard asks Rose to get some chocolates and nice soap too. Chocolates for him, soap for Blaze (incase you were wondering...). Rose offers him a quickie before he goes (oh yeah, here it comes) but Hazard refuses (WHAAAAT?!), saying he needs to get back to the cabin before Blaze does something troublesome. Rose says goodbye and muses the Hazard is in far deeper than he realizes.
Hazard returns to the cabin to find a barely clothed Blaze awake, randy and in his bed, not hers. Hazard starts to remove his clothing, getting ready for bed and Blaze says he smells like a cheap whore. Hazard says he actually smells like an expensive whore, not that Blaze would know the difference. Blaze is disgusted with Hazard for not being satisfied with just one women and Hazard says he hasn't had ANY women, thankyouverymuch. Blaze demands to know if he slept with another woman. Hazard, totally naked now, (cause he comes from a tribe where the nude male is a natural and beautiful thing... barf.) tells Blaze to get out of his bed. She demands satisfaction! Hazard picks her up, says he didn't do anything with anyone and tosses her into her bed. Blaze settles into bed happily because EVEN THOUGH THERE IS HUGE AMOUNTS OF EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY, Hazard didn't sleep with anyone else while he was out. She knows about these things (not).

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