Monday, March 28, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 15

Hazard spends the night out doors, chastising himself for not just giving it to Blaze good and hard when she asked for it. Maybe she isn't sent to distract him? Maybe she is sent to soothe is wretched soul and bring peace and prosperity to his people... or something like that. In the morning Hazard isn't feeling any better about what he is SUPPOSED to do about Blaze... to bang or not to bang? Doesn't seem like something Hazard should be struggling with, but I guess there MUST BE CONFLICT between the two main characters. whatevs. So, Hazard returns to the cabin to find Blaze has made breakfast... if that's what you can call 1/2 cooked biscuits and burnt bacon... Hazard tried his best to apologize for walking out on Blaze last night and Blaze offers him the hand of friendship as well as the opportunity to NOT eat her cooking. They have a moment of warm smiles, companionship and deep internal musings. I'm still confused as to why Blaze hasn't tried to ESCAPE from Hazard so she won't be his hostage anymore and they can do the humpdy dance all they want because it won't be a MORAL STRUGGLE for Hazard anymore? sorry, I'll stop thinking outside the box now. Blaze and Hazard chit chat and we find out Hazard is LOADED, but not really, since he has to support his whole tribe as well as himself. This whole tribe thing is really bringing him down, isn't it? Hazard asks Blaze if she would be willing to wash his buckskins (INUENDO?!). Blaze blanches from the labors and Hazard explains that if she doesn't do it, one of the women from his tribe will come down the mountain and do it for him... and he will compensate her with sex. It's good to know that male prostitution is alive and well in the nineteenth century. Blaze goes through about two pages of getting more and more angry at Hazard because he will have sex with other women while SHE IS IN THE CABIN but won't have sex WITH HER. She says she will be the only one washing his buckskin from here on out (IN-YOUR-ENDO?!). When the day is over and Blaze had thoroughly scrubbed and dried Hazard's buckskins she asks Hazard to compensate her in the normal fashion... but falls asleep in a chair before he can tell her no. Poor Blaze... so tired from her very first day of work. Aww.


  1. She couldn't possibly want a good boning that bad if she fell asleep before he could even say no.

  2. Poor Blaze. Her life is so full of contradictions. One wonders how she makes it through each day...