Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 14

Blaze is panicked because Hazard has left the cabin for... two minutes. She wonders if he is coming back, did he leave for town, is he going to spend the night in someone else's bed, will he leave her locked in the cabin forever, will someone find her months from now dead from starvation and miles of other useless inner monologue. whine whine whine whine whine OH YOUR BACK! Hazard returns with a sizable box for Blaze, and is happy to see her her concern for his absence. He offers her the box and she sequels like a little girl. Inside the box is... A WHORES BATHTUB. Hazard asked Jimmy to help him acquire a bathtub for Blaze since she was SO OPPOSED to the idea of bathing in a lake (I too am often opposed to being bodily tossed into my bath, but maybe thats just my twentieth century feminist ways...). The tub was ordered by a woman of the oldest profession but Jimmy, under Hazard's orders, out-bid her for it and had it secretly delivered to Hazard's cabin. In addition to the copper tub, there are some dresses Hazard asked Jimmy to purchase... which are also of the "working girl" persuasion. Apparently there are only two types of dresses in Montana... those that are SEWN by moral women, and those that are ORDERED by immoral women. ah well. Hazard has water hauled and Blaze's bath prepared for her. Blaze eyes Hazard and suggests he stay. Hazard has A VERY HARD TIME LEAVING because of his still RAGING boner for Blaze (for someone who spent most of the first three chapters boinking anyone who gave him the eye, Hazard is behaving VERY NOBLY. Good for him.), but he does leave, much to Blaze's disappointment.
Hazard, once outside, goes and hugs his grappling gun (they describe him "forcefully embracing" the gun in his OVERWHELMING DESPAIR), and laments the fact that he can't give it to Blaze as hard and frequently as he wishes too... yet he also feels... warmth towards Blaze. A companionship he hasn't felt since his wife died (barf). But of course NOTHING CAN HAPPEN between them, because they are on opposite sides of the same battle... her the captive and him the capturer. He also REALLY HOPES that Blaze has her clothes on when he gets back to the cabin.
Blaze is longing in the tub thinking of how awesome it will be the next time she has sex with Hazard. Cause she knows its coming... he can't hold out forever. He is a MAN after all...
Hazard returns to the cabin to find Blaze bathed and dressed in one of the "costumes" he had bought for her. Apparently its some black number with a VERY LOW NECKLINE and NEXT TO NO SKIRT. Hazard's eyes smolder, Blaze moves seductively, Hazard wants, Blaze wants, they kiss VERY PASSIONATELY and Hazard leaves the cabin, declaring he will sleep outside. Blaze damns him to hell, and Hazard says "get in line."

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