Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 13

After another night of restless sleep, Hazard awakes tired and sore. He goes to the lake and does his daily bathing, being nostalgic about the innocence of his youth. The life of a well educated Indian man holding a lady hostage is very trying, I'm sure. He is also still rocking a sizable hard on for Blaze and hopes his cool dip will alleviate some of his "pain" (obviously the man has never been introduced to his right hand...).
Blaze awakes awhile later to find Hazard gone for the morning, but upon seeing his wet footprints and breakfast dishes she feels a longing for the missing man. She feels conflicted about the new depth of her feelings because she is using Hazard to learn about sex and her new sensuality and does not want things to go further than that. She sees it as a fair trade... Hazard uses her for a ransom and she uses him for his penis. Done deal. Now if Blaze could just get him to get back down to the business of giving her the business...
Hazard comes back to the cabin for lunch to find Jimmy and Blaze waiting for him with lunch ready. Blaze helped make the muffins (heh), which Hazard samples (heh heh), and declares them the best he has ever had (heh heh heh). Hazard, JImmy and Blaze talk mining (cause Blaze knows as much about it as her Daddy does!) and Blaze discovers Hazard was in Boston while she was in Boston. She is shocked he never saw him and becomes VERY OFFENDED when he implies they didn't visit the same drawing rooms. Jimmy suddenly understands who broke all the dishes. Hazard asks Jimmy if he would mind staying at the cabin and cooking more often... Jimmy says he can't his mom won't let him because mummblemummblemummble. Hazard is confused and Jimmy says that his mamma doesn't want him hanging around a "tawdry hussy" more than he has to and what is a tawdry hussy because he has NO IDEA. Hazard sends Jimmy for some water and Blaze LOSES IT. She calls the woman small minded and stupid and WHO IS SHE TO SAY SUCH THINGS ABOUT ME (EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE TOTALLY TRUE). Blaze doesn't care what the woman thinks, she just can't believe she would say such things, she probably is just jealous I get to share a cabin with you. Hazard agrees. Blaze wants to know if Hazard has done the nasty with Jimmy's mom (OMG I BET HE HAS!). Hazard says its none of her business (HE TOTALLY HAS!). Blaze says she will make it her business (YOU TELL HIM HONEY!). Hazard says she isn't his mother (QUICK SOMEONE CALL THE WHAA-BULANCE) Blaze screams TELL ME (YEAH YEAH TELL US!) and Hazard "smiles crookedly" and says No, he hasn't. (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO).

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