Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 12

Blaze's Mother and Yancy (The forman for Blaze's Daddy) are having a pre-dinner chat. Yancy thinks one Indian is not worth waiting for and should just be blown to smithereens. Blaze's Mother knows what her husband's strict orders were (DO NOTHING TILL I GET BACK) and reminds Yancy that Bladdy will not have any chances taken when HIS daughter is concerned (not ours... HIS). We now get a sampling of back story on these two characters, finding out that both had been forced to take on hardships to continue to secure their lifestyles. Blaze's Mother had to get married (TO THAT BRUTISH MAN) and Fancy Yancy had to get a job (FOR THAT BRUTISH MAN). Yancy asks how Mother Blaze feels about her daughter's kidnapping, and she is properly appalled... but just for the sake of appearances. Both understand that more is being said than is being said and go into dinner together, something that has been happening more and more frequently (BUT ARE THEY DOING IT YET?!!? I NEED TO KNOOOOOOOOOOOW!!).

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