Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 11

Sitting in the cabin amongst the bits of broken pottery (from at least 24 hours ago by my math... girl really DOES NOT KNOW how to bend over and pick things up) is Blaze, reading a newspaper she found when a young boy walks into the cabin. He introduces himself as Jimmy Pernell, a young boy from nearby who runs errands and brings groceries for Hazard. Jimmy offers to help Blaze make lunch, saying Hazard asked him to help teach her how to cook and clean. Blaze asks if he gets paid for his labors and he says Hazard pays his whole family... him for helping with the chores, his mom for some basic sewing and laundry, his sister for bringing the local paper and the baby for just being cute. PS: I didn't make that last one up... its in the book. Itsn't Hazard such a generous soul? (whatever). Jimmy (the most ORIGINAL name for a young errand boy) says his mother is mad keen on Hazard and says God broke the mold with him. Blaze thinks thats sweet and I think Hazard's boinking Jimmy's mom on the side... but maybe thats just me! Jimmy helps Blaze do the dishes and then picks up all the broken pottery. He doesn't think anything of the smashed dishes, cause he knows grow-ups row sometimes and things go flying from hands... his mama smashed a whole lot of dishes after da died, so Blaze must have a VERY VALID REASON for breaking pretty much everything. Hazard arrives for lunch, which Jimmy made and Blaze "helped" (fucked it all up, but shes LEARNING). Hazard is very impressed with Blaze's foundling domestic skills and Blaze feels a warmth in her bones whenever Hazard smiles and compliments her efforts. Jimmy has NO IDEA why they're making eyes and "witty" banter at each other, but he figures there might not be broken dishes anymore. Hazard is happy to see Blaze in an amiable mood and Blaze says there's something else that would make her EVEN MORE amiable. Hazard bows out, doing his best to ignore his SUDDEN RAGING BONER and Blaze is all starry eyed from Hazard's knowing looks but upset about how NOBEL the damn man is. Blaze, being SPOILED AND HIGH SPIRITED understands nobility and duty but has no practical experience with such virtues.
When Jimmy leaves the cabin, Hazard corners him and tells him to tell no one of the beautiful red-head in his cabin (WHY HAS NOBODY THOUGHT IT WEIRD HE IS JUST KEEPING THIS WOMAN LOCKED IN HIS CABIN?!) and to go discretely buy some extra supplies in town.

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