Monday, March 21, 2011

Blaze: Chapter 10

Hazard returns to the cabin to find Blaze awake and sitting up in bed. She asks who the hell that was, and Hazard says "My ba-goo-ba, my brother" Personally, ba-goo-ba sounds like something my boyfriend's 6 month old nephew would say, but who am I to discuss the auditory merits of a noble Indian language? Blaze is very surprised he has a brother and Hazard tells her he was an only child, but in his tribe you're supposed to call your wife's brother your brother and treat him as such. Blaze is very shocked Hazard is married and becomes very UPSET with him for not telling ALL THE LADIES. Hazard, very uncomfy, tells her she is dead and no, he doesn't want to talk about. Hazard asks Blaze if she wants a bath. She says no and thinks it's weird he bathes EVERYDAY. Hazard calls her dumb (obtuse) and she reacts poorly and picks a verbal fight because she is SO HIGH SPIRITED and SO USED TO GETTING HER OWN WAY. She suggests he kill her b/c she won't bathe, Hazard is doing his best not to be goaded, but is getting pretty pissed. So he grabs her and carries her bodily down to the lake, blanket and all (because she is still naked from bed... remember?) They spend a LONG TIME bickering while Hazard holds her, going over how young she is (no i'm not! I'm a grown lay-dee!) and how useless she is (I can shoot goddamnit!) and how un-lady like she is (lay-dee's are b o r i n g and I am so not!) and then he tosses her in the lake. She sinks to the bottom and Hazard dives in to save her. There a lot of powerful kicking and swimming and grabbing and pulling and Hazard (un-winded because he is such a spectacular specimen of man) deposits a very naked Blaze on the shore. Yet as he does, their thighs brush and suddenly the passions are blazing and they are making out like there is no tomorrow. Cause thats all it takes to break Jon Hazard Black's vow of celibacy... and little thigh on thigh action! Blaze touches Hazard and Hazard shudders and suddenly she realizes she has POWER OVER HIM. Cause he is so into her. And she can use that. So she's touching and stroking and Hazard is going ape-y over it and promises to have sex with her over and over and over again and that she is omg so hott and so good and blah blah blah. Hazard glances up from their pre-coital activities and sees his sacred bundle hanging from a tree (I know, I know... I was hoping it was his testicles too, but apparently its not. le sigh) The bundle contains the objects Hazard acquired on his vision quest and ALL OF A SUDDEN he remembers his promise to his tribe, the land and himself and this WHORE OF A WOMAN is really fucking that up. He backs away from her and tells her to go inside and get dressed. Blaze wants him sooooooo bad and wants to know why he won't give her a good beefing. Hazard reminds her they agreed to be platonic and tells her he has too many good reasons to NOT fuck her and fucking her would fuck those up... got that? So she leaves, pissed but ready for her challenge of figuring out how to get Hazard to bone her till she can't walk anymore.
On the other side of the story, Blaze's Daddy (Bladdy) is very panicked about the state of his daughter. He spoiled her far too much and now doesn't know WHAT is going to happen to her! His Indian guide tells him that Hazard is of a tribe that doesn't take scalps, they use hostages for keeping the peace (wha?). The Indian guide gives Bladdy a cup of coffee and he feels much better.

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