Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 37

Sitting in a hired carriage headed West, Blaze tells Hazard that she was FORCED to sign all her monies and power of attorney over to her Mummy and Yancy but she made sure to leave everything to the baby in her will.  This does not quite jive with Hazard's view that she didn't want the baby (and therefore him) but he is stubborn enough to make sure that he ignores anything that doesn't fit with his world view.  Hazard falls asleep as Blaze gets ready to snap back at him and she realizes how EXHAUSTED poor Hazard is.  Her heart goes out to him and blah blah blah HE MAY BE A JERK BUT HE'S MY JERK.  Gag.  When Hazard awakens to see to a change of the horses, Blaze attempts to lay some logic on Hazard but he'll have none of it.  His memory of almost being buried alive all too fresh for him to forgive her even though its pretty obvious she had nothing to do with it.  Here is a direct quote to show you how much time Hazard has REALLY thought about this: Blaze: "Why would I leave a note, anyway, if I'd had a hand in with Yancy?"  Hazard: "Protect yourself, I suppose.  Hell, don't ask me to figure it out.  I gave up on that quite a few weeks ago." CAUSE IF I'VE DECIDED IT'S TRUE BUT CAN'T LOGICALLY FIGURE OUT HOW IT'S TRUE IT STILL MUST BE TRUE.  Blaze tells him she isn't giving up on him that easy and will scratch out the eyes of any woman who tries to get near him.  Hazard is unfazed.

They board a train in upstate New York for St. Louis and Hazard hires a whole car, which he keeps Blaze locked in anytime he leaves.  Blazes reminds him she isn't trying to escape from him but Hazard is unmoved.  This goes on for a few days till Hazard comes in with breakfast one morning to find Blaze vomiting.  She explains its morning sickness and he holds her hair, cradles her and props her up in a chair with some pillows.  After realizing his was being NICE, he gets moody and super quiet around Blaze.  Blaze eventually has enough of this and forces him to talk to her.  They talk about Yancy possibly being on their trail and a bunch of other stuff till we learn that Hazard's first wife died after she tried to give herself an abortion.  Blaze is very apologetic about his first wife, says she never planned to go through with the abortion anyway, and asks Hazard to just try to be her friend.  Hazard agrees but is sure to leave the train car anytime Blaze dresses or undresses, so as not to be "lured or enchanted again by Blaze's beauty or sensuality."  Cause, ya know, Hazard has to make sure to keep everything in his pants lest his FEELINGS come jutting out.  Eww.

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