Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 36

Blaze is escorted to a very lavish but slightly tacky bedroom in Madame something something's abortion asylum, all ready to talk Madame something something into taking her black pearls and letting her run away from Fancy Yancy. She grits her teeth as the door opens, but who is it but none other than Mr. Jon Hazard Black! He must have really booked it to get from New York to Boston so quick. Blaze is shocked, overjoyed but then wary cause she sees how pissed off Hazard looks. She asks how he knew where she was, which just acts as fuel on the fire of Hazard anger. There is a lot of blah blah blah where Hazard gents angry, then calms himself by remembering Blaze is a spoiled bitch and says something cold and calculating that he thinks makes total sense but just succeeds in confusing Blaze and being rude. Blaze eventually becomes overwhelmed by her hearts gladness at seeing him, even though she is confused by Hazard's anger, and she starts to tear up. I'm going to chalk all this up the the baby, because FIREY Blaze would NEVER show such a lowly emotion in front of anyone, but maybe firey Blaze is all gone and we won't get to see her anymore... damn. Blaze is concerned for Hazed being in the same house as Yancy but apparently Hazard paid off Madame something something to let him steal Blaze out from under Yancy's nose. There a bunch more blah blah blah where Hazard is VERY COLD AND UNFEELING and Blaze MISSED HAZARD TERRIBLY but HE DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN. He still thinks she was in cahoots with Yancy, which she says she wasn't, but Hazard always jumps to the correct conclusions and she left a NOTE so that is obvious proof obviously. Hazard informs Blaze he is taking her back to Montana so the baby can be born with his people and then Blaze can get the fuck out of his life. Blaze says what if she doesn't want to leave to which Hazard replies you totes will WANT to leave because you'll be 2nd wife to my dead wife's sister who i'm gonna marry but lets not talk about that now cause we gotta go! Blaze tells him THIS CONVERSATION IS NOT OVER BUT OKAY and they escape out the window.

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