Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 43

As the young (unmarried) couple spend four days trekking to the land of Hazard's people, Hazard spend most of his time brooding over what to do about his engagement to his wife's younger sister, HfH (Hot for Hazard, incase you forgot) Gurl. When they finally reach his lodge amongst his people, Hazard is WIPED from having not slept for a month and having carried Blaze's more and more pregnant ass across the Montana wild. Hazard is hoping for some serious snooze time when he finds that HfH Gurl is waiting patiently outside his hut. Hazard PLEADS with Blaze to keep her cool and just let him handle this later cause oh god I'm sooooooooooo sleepy and Blaze consents, seeing how very very tired her big strong man is. They talk about how they would fight for each other and blah blah blah goo goo ick. He takes Blaze inside the hut and walks with HfH gurl back to father, Bold Ax. He returns his bride-to-be, offers Bold Ax all of his ponies (see: LOTS AND LOTS OF MONIES) and apologizes for his lack of diplomatic abilities and leaves. Bold Ax accepts his offer and Hazard returns to Blaze GETTING OFF SCOTT FREE. WHY did they even put the part in there about HfH Gurl? It was and ENTIRE CHARACTER SUBPLOT that went NOWHERE. Weak.

Hazard returns to Blaze and tells her she cost 300 ponies. Blaze likes being the center of attention and wants to bang. Hazard ask for at least one hour of sleep before doing the humpty hump and Blaze agrees.

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