Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blaze: Chapter 41

Hazard wakes, bathes in the stream (cause remember... thats what REAL native americans DO cause they're VERY CLEAN PEOPLE NO REALLY I READ IT IN THIS BOOK SOMEWHERE) and chit chats with Lydia. She reminds Hazard not to push Blaze TOO HARD cause she's just a wee slip of a thing and its gonna be tough but I think you two will make it. Hazard hopes to out-run Fancy Yancy, but realizes he will have to kill the fucker eventually. Lydia tells him to focus on Blaze and the baby, not killing and maiming.

Blaze and Hazard leave Lydia's and set off for Hazard's people. Hazard buys a stage coach, drivers and some horses in the next town, easy as pie, and since AUTHORITY DRIPS FROM HIS POURS, nobody questions why he needs these things and in such a hurry. I'm not totally sure WHY the author needs to tell us over and over and over again how muscly and intimidating Hazard is, but APPARENTLY its an important plot point to the story. So make a note in your journals kiddies: Hazard = MUSCLES AND AUTHORITY. Got it? Good.

They ride like hell for a few days before Hazard notices a cloud of dust following their stage coach. He assesses it to be eight to ten hired men chasing after them. But no worries, Hazard has a plan! Hazard leaps onto the back of the stage horses (nimble! lithe!) and cuts the two leads free (ingenuity! skill!) and pulls the two horses back behind the stage. Hazard instructs the drivers to keep pushing at full speed to the next town, while he and Blaze hop onto the horses he cut free and ride off into the sunset THE END (no... no. thats not the end. they ride off towards a creek bed with the hopes that the trackers won't notice their tracks. Still not the end. Sorry.).

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